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The iPod community refers to the general community built around the iPod. Originally conceived in the forum era of the early 2000s with the introduction of the iPod, its modern form takes on a progressive front in the mid 2010's, with the resurgence of iPod modding.

The community is fragmented across multiple platforms and mediums of communication, most predominant being Discord and Reddit. Other means exist, but they are far less active than the aforementioned platforms.

Active communities

Just Another iPod Discord — Discord community dedicated to iPods, iPod modification and the official outlet for iPodWiki.com

r/iPod — All the news, apps, accessories, rumors, and general discussion of the Apple iPod series of devices.

r/iPod Discord guild — /r/iPod Discord guild, a place to discuss iPods, audio gear, tech and other topics!

r/DankPods — This subreddit is for the YouTube channel, DankPods.

DankPods Community Discord — A place to discuss DankPods, audio gear, iPods and other topics.

r/iPodClassic — Devoted to the much loved but now discontinued iPod Classic line of devices.

r/Modded_iPods — A subreddit dedicated to custom and modded iPods!

iPod Modding — A place for mod developers to geek out and work together, and for enthusiasts to get mods working!

Elite Obsolete Electronics — Discord community for Elite Obsolete Electronics, a retailer for iPod parts.

iPod Haven — An iPod community forum built around making your iPod your own.

Inactive communities

The iPod Archive — A community for those who wish to help contribute to rediscovering lost iPod content.

Rockbox Technical Forums — Support channel & resource for everything that has to do with Rockbox.

r/iPod_Nano — A place to talk about the iPod nano and get help.

r/iPodTouch — A subreddit dedicated to discussing the (now discontinued) iPod Touch line of devices by Apple.

r/iPodShuffle — The Reddit community dedicated to the discontinued iPod shuffle.

r/iPodCollections — A subreddit where you can share your collection of iPods.

r/Overpricedpods — A subreddit for sharing pics of ‘priceless’ eBay pods.

r/iPodHacks — A place for iPod hacks/modifications.

r/iPodHiFi — Starting as dedication to the beast that was the iPod HiFi but may expand to other HiFi set ups for iPods.

Obsolete communities

r/iPod 2 — A spur community from the main r/iPod Discord community. Deleted due to inactivity.

iPods: After Hours — A spur community from the main r/iPod Discord community. Rebranded into curl's personal server.