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This article is about external software. For iPodOS firmware, see Firmware.

This is a directory to different software related to iPods. Software listed below may not be software for iPods directly, rather software that runs on a separate host device that interacts with an iPod. For example, iTunes would be considered iPod software. Rockbox Utility is software, while Rockbox is an OS for an iPod.

Music managers

  • iTunes
  • AnyTrans (iTunes alternative)
  • iRip 2 (macOS only, Music Extraction Tool)
  • Senuti (macOS only, Music Extraction Tool)
  • gtkpod (Linux iPod Management software)
  • foobar2000 (iTunes alternative, needs a third party plugin)
  • XPlay 2 Music managing software for Windows (predates iTunes on Windows)

Alternate OS Installers

Firmware Managers/Theme Creators


  • XLD (Free and Open Source Music File Conversion Application for Mac)
  • MediaHuman (Free Music File Conversion Tool for Windows)

(Feel free to add any programs you know of!)