iPod mini (2nd generation)

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iPod mini (2nd generation)
Release dateFebruary 23, 2005
Introductory price$249
DiscontinuedSeptember 7, 2005
Units sold----
CPU2x PortalPlayer PP5020 ARM processors @ 80 MHz
Memory225 bytes (32 MiB)
Storage4GB or 6GB(Microdrive)
Display1.67" monochrome LCD at 138 x 110 pixels
SuccessoriPod Nano (1st Generation)
ARBL18 hours MP3/AAC playback
Battery650 mAh Li-Po
External Interface30-pin Dock (FireWire AND USB, sync & charge)
Maximum capacity239 bytes (512GiB)[1], with up to approx. 20,000 songs
Song limit is caused by RAM limitations, and can be bypassed using Rockbox.

The iPod mini (2nd generation) is the second and final model in the iPod mini series released by Apple on February 23, 2005.


2nd generation iPod minis have their capacity printed on the back, and the click wheel text color matches the housing, whereas iPod mini (1st generation) model click wheels were only printed in silver.

The first generation iPod Mini had a gold color as an option. This color option was omitted in the 2nd generation.


Advertising for the Mini was far smaller for the second generation, simply comprising of online banners in apple.com "The new iPod Mini"[citation needed]


The Minis relatively simple to modify. The storage medium is interfaced through Compact Flash, making a flash mod as simple as inserting a Compact Flash card in, or purchasing a Compact Flash to SD adapter in order to use an SD card instead. As an added benefit, flash mods can increase the battery life of the device, as hard drives consume more energy than flash storage.[2] The upper limits on how much storage an iPod mini can take is approximated to be around 512GiB, which given the low amount of RAM on board the mini, it can only shuffle about 20,000 tracks.




  1. It is unknown whether the iPod mini can handle 1 TiB or 2 TiB of storage. Theoretically, the limit would be at 2 TiB, because of Master Boot Record limitations. 512 GiB is the highest amount of storage tested so far in an iPod mini; to fill that much storage without going pass the song limit, one will need to use lossless audio files.
  2. Only applicable to new iPod mini batteries, when using the included Microdrive. A flash-modded iPod mini will most likely have better battery life; an older battery, worse battery life.