iPod (4th generation)

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iPod (4th generation)
Fourth Generation iPod
Release dateJuly 19th, 2004
Units sold----
CPUDual PP5020 @ 80 MHz
Storage20GB / 40GB 4200RPM 1.8" Toshiba IDE Hard Drive
ARBL12 hours of music playback

The 4th generation iPod was the first iPod full-sized pod to feature the revolutionary click wheel which, while the iconic click wheel was invented for the iPod mini, this was the first 'full-size' iPod to feature it.

The iPod photo was spun off from the fourth-generation iPod, being initially positioned as a premium alternative to it prior to replacing it entirely. The fifth-generation iPod succeeds this iPod.

Detailed Information

  • Release Date: July 19th, 2004
  • Processor: Dual PP5020 @ 80MHz
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Storage: 1.8" 4200RPM Toshiba IDE hard drive
  • Battery: 950mAh
  • ARBL: 12 Hours of Playback
  • Interface: 30-pin Dock Connector (FireWire or USB for Syncing and Charging)
Capacity 20GB 40GB
MSRP $299 $399


Advertising mostly stayed the same from the laat iPod, with a special music video fof U2's Vertigo being launched around thag time. The box waa themed to the silhouettes aswell.

Special Editions

This was the first iPod that was sold with a U2 Special Edition, which included a coupon for The Complete U2, which was a complete discography of U2 until that point.

iPod + HP

This was the first iPod to be sold under the iPod + HP branding. This iPod was sold by HP, and had a special HP engraving on the back. The HP iPod was considered an HP product by Apple. The HP iPods were criticized because Apple would not repair any HP iPods at their stores, claiming that they were HP products and thus had to be sent to HP for repair.


This was the first classic iPod that supported both syncing and charging through USB as well as FireWire.

Apple reports that it can quick charge in 1 hour to 80%, and fully charges in 3 hours.


This model supposedly can support up to 128GB using the necessary adapters and storage medium and is supported by the Rockbox custom operating system.


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