iPod (1st generation)

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iPod (1st Generation)
First Generation iPod
Release date23rd October 2001
Units sold----
CPUDual PP5002 @ 90 MHz
Storage5GB / 10GB 4200RPM 1.8" Toshiba IDE Hard Drive
ARBL10 hours of music playback

The iPod (1st Generation) was the first commercial release of the iPod by Apple in 2001. This was the starting point of the brand, and marked the inspiration for the iPod brand.

General Information

The FireWire 400 interface for both syncing and charging. No other way exists to charge or sync it.

This generation of iPod has a maximum official storage capacity of 10GB, the least storage capacity out of all “classic” iPods.

The RRP for the flagship iPod started at USD$399 for the low capacity 5GB model and had a maximum price of USD$499 for the 10GB model.


the iPod targeted both the hard drive based music player market and the external hard drive market. Many critiques of the iPod were that the capacity was too small for the price, with other options being available for a higher capacity at a lower price[1]

Among many communities of already established music players (such as the Creative Nomad[2]), PC users and Apple critiques, the iPod had mixed reviews. Some considered it a faster external hard drive which is more portable than the competition[3], a music player compact enough to fit in your pocket unlike the majority of other hard drive based players[2], and an intuitive design that could be picked up and used by anybody, however an overpriced external hard drive[1], gatekept device that could only work on Apple's own systems[4].


-The 1st generation iPod is the first and only iPod to keep the Apple Garamond font that debuted in the 80s. Future iPods used the adopted Myriad font across their lineup.