iPod (2nd generation)

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iPod (2nd generation)
IPod2G Transparent.png
2nd generation iPod
Release dateJuly 17th, 2002
Units sold----
CPUDual PP5002 @ 90 MHz
Storage5GB / 10GB / 20GB 4200RPM 1.8" Toshiba IDE Hard Drive
ARBL10 hours of music playback
Battery1200 mAH

The 2nd generation of the iPod was announced on July 17th, 2002. The 2nd generation of iPod used a similar design as the original and first iPod, but the top of the iPod was redesigned. Apple changed the hold switch, added a cover to the FireWire port and the mechanical scrolling wheel was replaced by a touch-sensitive clickwheel. The 2nd generation iPod was sold in two capacities, 10GB and 20GB. The two storage sizes were priced at US$399 and US$499, respectively.

The 2nd generation iPod featured a Windows-version so you could use the device on the Microsoft Windows operating system. These Windows-compatible editions came bundled with a 4 to 6-pin FireWire adapter. With the device, came a bundled copy of MusicMatch Jukebox for at this time iTunes was not available for Windows yet.[citation needed]

Much like its predecessor, the iPod (1st generation), the 2nd generation iPod suffered from its one and only interface — FireWire 400 for charging and syncing with no compatability for USB at all.

In December 2002, Apple unveiled it’s very first limited edition iPod. You could get an iPod with a signature from either Madonna, Tony Hawk or Beck. An engraving of No Doubt’s band logo was also available on the rear housing for an additional USD$50 charge.[citation needed]

Capacity 5GB 10GB 20GB
MSRP $299 $399 $499