iPod touch (1st generation)

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iPod touch (1st generation)
First Generation iPod Touch
Release dateSeptember 5, 2007
Introductory price$299/$399/$499
DiscontinuedSeptember 9, 2008
Units sold----
CPUSingle-core ARM S5L8900 @ 400MHz, boosted to 412MHz with the iPhone OS 1.1.2 software update
Memory128MB DRAM
Storage8/16/32GB of NAND flash
Display3.5" Color display at 320x480 (163 ppi)
SuccessoriPod Touch (Second Generation)
ARBL22 Hours of Music, 5 Hours of Video
Battery2.15Wh, 3.7V, 580mAh Lithium-polymer
External Interface30 pin dock connector (USB Charge/Sync Only)

The iPod touch (1st Generation) is an iPhone OS-based general-purpose mobile computer designed and formerly marketed by Apple Inc. The iPod touch was released on September 5, 2007, following the release of the first-generation iPhone's June 29 release. The iPod touch is commonly referred to as 'training wheels for the iPhone', or 'an iPhone without the phone'. This is because the iPod touch ran iPhone OS just like the iPhone, minus features such as telephony, text messaging, cellular connectivity, as well as Bluetooth.

This model notably lacks numerous features that can be found in later models, including:

  • Volume buttons
  • Integrated speaker
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Microphone

The 1st generation is the only iPod touch to be able to be charged via FireWire. To compensate for the lack of the internal speaker, a "clicker" was used to make the keyboard and lock/unlock sounds instead.


Capacity 8GB 16GB 32GB
RRP $299 $399 $499