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The full-sized iPods, formally called plainly as "iPod", were a line of pocket-sized music players produced by Apple Computer Co. from 2001 to 2014. They are interchangeably referred to as "iPod classic(s)". There were 6 distinct generations of full-sized iPods, but in between them were minor revisions, special editions, and separate product lines. A common feature across all iPod models were a wheel as a means to interact with the device to scroll through menus. iPods generally followed the formula of sporting their implementations of the "wheel" on the bottom half of the frontplate and a screen on the top half of the front plate. However, both parts faced a lot of change through each generation of iPod.


iPod (1st generation) — iPod (Scroll Wheel)

iPod (2nd generation) — iPod (Touch Wheel)

iPod (3rd generation) — iPod (Dock Connector)

iPod (4th generation) — iPod (Click Wheel)

iPod photo — iPod with color display

iPod video — iPod (5th generation)

iPod classic (6th generation) — iPod classic (120GB)

iPod classic (7th generation) — iPod classic 160 GB (Late 2009)

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