iPod shuffle (1st generation)

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iPod shuffle(1st generation)
Front view of the first generation iPod shuffle
Release dateJanuary 11, 2005
Introductory price$99 (512MiB), $149 (1GiB)
DiscontinuedSeptember 12, 2006
Units sold----
CPUSigmaTel D-Major STMP 3550 @ 75 MHz
Storage512MiB, 1GiB
SuccessoriPod shuffle (2nd Generation)
ARBL12 hours MP3/AAC playback
Battery450 mAh Li-Po
External InterfaceUSB 2.0 (with support for USB 1.1)
Maximum capacityThis iPod has no(or at least no easy) option to upgrade the storage.

The 1st generation iPod shuffle is a USB Drive stylized iPod. It lacks a screen and and offers little storage when compared to all other iPods in the iPod lineup. It only has one play mode: Shuffle. Since most people used their iPods just to shuffle, this allowed people to use this ability at a lower cost of entry than a full-sized iPod. It had a low cost-of-entry. This iPod was also praised for its fantastic sound when compared to the next generation¹. The 1 gigabyte model cloud hold 240 songs (AAC, 128kbit/s) while the 512 megabyte model cloud hold 120 songs (AAC, 128kbit/s).

The iPod Shuffle could also be used as a flash drive, featuring the latest USB 2 technology.

New features

Due to the introduction of this iPod, Apple released a new feature on iTunes to lower the bitrate of songs to 128kbit/s to reach the 120- or 240 song advertised capacity.

Stripped down

The iPod Shuffle was lacked many features when compared to the iPod. This was because this iPod was targeted at people who wanted just shuffle functionality and a lower cost of entry into the iPod lineup.

One of the main things that were taken away by Apple was the display and click wheel. Due to this, you cloud not know which song you were playing or scroll through a list of your songs.

Apple has also taken away the ability to play lossless audio, removing ALAC (Apple Lossless) and AIFF entirely from the Shuffle. You would have to convert it to AAC or MP3 to sync it with the iPod.


The iPod Shuffle was praised for it's great sound, some even going as far as saying that the Shuffle had better sound than the flagship iPod fourth-generation. The SigmaTel STMP35xx SOC and SDK had superior audio technology giving it better bass response.


The iPod shuffle was advertised heavily, on the streets, on TV and on the internet, advertising started with silhouette ads and ended with photos of real people with iPods.


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