iPod shuffle (3rd generation)

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iPod shuffle (3rd generation)
Third Generation iPod shuffle
Release dateMarch 11, 2009
DiscontinuedSeptember 1st, 2010
Units sold----
CPUSamsung ARM Processor
Storage2GB / 4GB Flash Storage
PredecessoriPod shuffle (2nd generation)
SuccessoriPod shuffle (4th generation)
ARBL10 Hours of Playback


The iPod shuffle 3rd Generation broke away from the last generation's form to instead opt for a buttonless design. This shuffle has been criticized for requiring in-line controls on headphones to play, skip, fast forward/reverse, and change volume. The only slider on this shuffle allowed you to either shuffle, loop, or turn off the device. But, it was praised for the new VoiceOver feature, which would be carried over into the next generation of the shuffle. This generation of shuffle also had the "special edition" stainless steel version, which only came in 4GB. This generation of shuffle was discontinued on September 1st, 2010.

Additional Information

  • Battery: ----
  • Interface: USB to Minijack cable
Models (revision 1)
Capacity 4GB
RRP $79
  • Release date of revision: September 9th, 2009
Models (revision 2, colors)
Capacity 2GB 4GB
RRP $59 $79



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