iPod Touch (7th generation)

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iPod touch (Seventh Generation)
iPod touch 7th Generation
Release dateMay 28th, 2019
DiscontinuedMay 10th, 2022
Units sold----
CPUApple A10 (1.63GHz dual-core)
Storage32GB, 128GB, or 256GB flash memory
PredecessoriPod Touch (Sixth Generation)
ARBL40 hours of music, 8 hours of video

The iPod touch (Seventh Generation), quietly introduced May 28, 2019, kept the same aluminum design as the iPod Touch (Fifth Generation) and iPod Touch (Sixth Generation). It contained an Apple A10 chip, similar to the one used in the iPhone 7, which improved performance significantly compared to the Apple A8 in the iPod Touch (Sixth Generation). It is currently available in six colors, including Pink, Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Blue, and Product(RED).

This iPod is available in up to 256GB, far larger than the 160GB iPod classic (6th generation) and iPod classic (7th generation). The 256GB option is the highest capacity stock iPod ever produced by Apple. However, unlike iPod classics and iPod minis, the storage cannot be replaced or upgraded.

Note: The iPod Touch 7th generation has had reports of having less than desirable battery life, and can be prone to draining quickly when performing task other than music listening.

The iPod Touch 7th generation was the last iPod ever officialy sold and produced by Apple. It was discontinued on May 10th, 2022.

Prices (US)
Capacity 32GB 128GB 256GB
RRP $199 $299 $399


The 7th-generation iPod Touch used the same Apple A10 processor found in the iPhone 7 and 6th-generation iPad. Due to the limited battery life and thermal issues, this processor has been underclocked to 1.64GHz (originally 2.34GHz).

The 8MP rear camera found in this device is exactly the same as its predecessor. The 8MP rear-facing camera is capable of recording 1080p video at 30FPS, slow motion 720p at 120FPS. The camera also supports numerous photo features, such as HDR photos, burst photos and panoramic photos.

The 1.2MP front camera found in this device is also exactly the same as is predecessor. This camera was marketed as "FaceTime HD-camera", and was capable of recording 720p video at 30FPS. The camera also supported burst photo capabilities, and HDR for video recordings.


The 7th-generation iPod Touch runs the full version of Apple iOS, it's mobile operating system that is most known for it's use on the Apple iPhone.

The iPod Touch 7 was introduced running iOS 12.3, and was supported up to iOS 15.

This was the first ever iPod Touch that allowed you to view the battery percentage without any modding or jailbreaking to the firmware, unlike its predecessor.