iPod touch (3rd generation)

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Third Generation iPod Touch

The iPod touch (3rd generation) was released September 9, 2009 as the successor to the 2nd generation iPod touch. It featured an identical design to the previous generation, but had a faster processor and double the RAM, making it similar in performance to the iPhone 3GS. It was more heavily promoted as being a gaming device than its predecessors. The 3rd generation iPod Touch also introduced Voice Control and VoiceOver to the iPod Touch line. It was sold in 32 and 64GB configurations, while the 8GB was still the second generation product. It originally shipped with iPhone OS 3.1.1, but was supported up to iOS 5.1.1.


  • Release Date: September 9, 2009
  • Processor: Single-core ARM S5L8922 @ 600MHz
  • RAM: 256MB DRAM
  • Storage: 32/64GB of NAND flash
  • Battery: 2.92Wh, 3.7V, 789mAh Lithium-polymer
  • ARBL: 30 Hours of Music, 6 Hours of Video
  • Interface: 30 pin dock connector (USB Charge/Sync Only)
Capacity 32GB 64GB
RRP $299 $399