iPod touch (4th generation)

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iPod touch (4th generation)
iPod touch 4th Generation
Release date1 September 2010
Units sold----
CPUApple A4 (800MHz)
Storage8GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash memory
PredecessoriPod Touch (Third Generation)
SuccessoriPod Touch (Fifth Generation)
ARBL40 hours of music, 7 hours of video

The fourth generation iPod touch, released in 2010, brought many new features to the iPod touch line. These include the Retina Display, a front and rear camera for photos, videos, and FaceTime, as well as a new, more modern design. It was also the only iPod Touch model released without a wireless antenna window.

A white variant was introduced the next year in 2011.


This iPod Touch was the first to feature cameras for both front and back, which allowed for FaceTime, and HD video recording (with the rear camera). It was also the first to feature an IPS Retina screen, with a resolution of 960x640. This is compared to previous generation touch models featuring a transflective TN panel with a resolution of 480x320. Therefore new Retina display bought on a 4x resolution improvement and much more vibrant colors compared to the previous models, however did not feature the transflective properties of the previous models. This means that the screen on the Touch 4th gen and future models can be somewhat harder to see in direct sunlight compared to previous models, which could use that sunlight to increase screen visibility. It was also the first iPod Touch with a dedicated speaker grill, which added much louder volume especially when charging. It was also the first iPod Touch model to receive a different color option, with White being released in 2011. All newer iPod models from then on released with multiple color options at launch.

The 4th generation also included the A4 Chip, also found within the first generation iPad and iPhone 4. This variant was downclocked to 800MHz like the iPhone 4. The phone only features 256MB of ram compared to the iPhone 4's 512MB, which is likely the reason it did not receive iOS 7.

Like the Touch 3G, the Touch 4G was discontinued as soon as the Touch 5G was released. A lower cost model of the Touch 5G was released to replace the 8GB 4G, which did not feature a rear camera among other things.


The device came with either 8, 16, 32 or 64GB of storage.


The iPod Touch 4th Generation was supported until iOS 6, unlike the iPhone 4 which also received iOS 7, prompting backlash, as the device was sold up until one year prior.

Capacity 8GB 32GB 64GB
RRP $229 $299 $399